Can you squeeze a rugby playing Vunipola inside a Morgan Plus 4? a

Rumour has it that Welsh rugby winger George North loves Morgans. Unfortunately, he has a deal with Land Rover – and also finds it very hard to squeeze inside a Plus 4.

North will go in to battle on the Lions tour of New Zealand this summer with England forwards Mako and Billy Vunipola. Today I interviewed the brothers and it’s official:

There’s no chance of squeezing that pair into my Morgan!

For the rest of us, the Plus 4 has a lot more room than a Caterham Seven. There’s a space behind the seats where the roof folds away that will take two weekend bags.

Generally speaking, the Morgan is a lot more civilised too – although Car Couture will test the 60th Anniversary Seven in July. That’s not to say it isn’t very noisy when pushed hard.

Even so, I could hear the music system at speeds up to 70mph. Believe me, that’s a major bonus in any Morgan…

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