Aston Martin DB9 Carbon Edition – Flawed Beauty That Still Makes The Heart Beat Faster


aston8My dream woman would be a beautiful redhead with a scar on her cheek. A psychologist would have a field day with that admission but I like the idea of flawed beauty.

The DB9 is a visual feast both inside and out. Just the name Aston Martin reeks of style, passion and sophistication. Yet like my redhead, or any Maserati for that matter, the flaws are hidden deep under the skin.

Have I enjoyed driving a car more than the DB9 this year? Probably not but don’t be fooled into thinking this is the ultimate supercar. It isn’t.

Suspect brakes, limited legroom in the cabin, door handles that disappear in the dark and a tiny boot – shall I go on?

Perhaps none of these on their own are enough to dissuade a potential buyer but after a week in the Aston, my dream car had become a little scarred around the edges…

Aston Martin DB9 Carbon – Exhaust Note Rattle To Make Your Toes Curl…


I’m not sure there’s a more beautiful noise than a DB9 accelerating in ‘sport’ mode. Unlike some other supercars, it only roars when required and the rattle from the exhaust pipes will make your toes curl.

The surge in performance in sport is noticeable. The revs pick up and the Aston suddenly becomes alive. Very handy for overtaking too.

Unlike the more compact Porsche 911, the DB9 doesn’t feel as stable on the road, especially when cornering. Blip the throttle too soon on a roundabout and that tail end will wobble.

It’s easily rectified of course, but I know I could blat around a bend faster in a Porsche, or the Nissan GT-R of course. Fortunately, the Aston Martin isn’t just about speed. It’s a thing of true beauty…


Wednesday – The Real World


All the ‘issues’ that you might have living in the real world with the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante would disappear if you could afford the £200,000 required to buy it in the first place.

Zero leg room in the back seats? You’d probably own a Range Rover as a second car. Worried about cleaning those white leather seats? Surely you just get somebody in to clean them? Slightly concerned by 18.1mpg? Here’s my Coutts credit card

Driving an Aston Martin around for a week is not living in the real world for the majority of us. I’ve driven faster and more expensive cars but the Vanquish just has a little something that is best described as the X factor. You can’t put your finger on it but it makes all the difference.

For me, it’s the ‘made in Britain’ tag, the rasping exhaust pipes that provide the perfect soundtrack to every drive and the breathtaking interior. Even though I would never pick white leather…

Monday – Lots of Horse Power


I found myself in the middle of a Cotswold hunt this morning. Usual sort of thing – 70 odd horses careering down a lane towards a £222,000 Aston Marin supercar…

It’s a moment that demands a steady nerve, not for the riders but for me. The Vanquish may sound remarkable when you are driving it across country but those twin pipes are guaranteed to put the fear of God into a galloping mare.

It was the first time I considered the Aston’s rasping exhaust a hindrance rather than a joy. Perhaps a system like the Porsche 911, which allows the driver to turn the sound on or off, might be worth considering?

Incredibly wet roads aren’t conducive to thrashing a 500bhp+ rear-wheel drive car like the Vanquish. So, today’s hot gossip is that we have achieved 18.1mpg in everyday use. Not bad, if you ask me…