The retro interior of the 1972 BMW Batmobile is as funky as the exterior


Back in the day, they made car interiors like this. The photo of our 1972 BMW shows just how far we have come in 45 years – and this was a pretty expensive Beemer too!

Oddly, the Batmobile has window winders (remember them) for the front doors and electric ones at the rear. Makes sense if you think about it but what a joy to get some arm exercise for a change!

The windscreen wiper speed is operated by a pull toggle next to the four-speed gearstick and the only controls on the steering column are for dipping the headlights and an indicator stalk.

While the cassette-radio was probably state-of-the-art back then, now it seems to be lacking the very essential aerial. Well, I can find an aerial to pull up anyway.

Favourite feature? It has to be the wonderful, wood veneer shelf in front of the passenger seat. Super practical for holding you Led Zep and Floyd tapes, which then proceeded to melt in the sunshine…

Quick, to the Batmobile? What’s it like to live with a retro BMW supercar?


There is a hint of madness about the car sat on my driveway. It has more spoilers than a bad film review and could have driven off the set of a Mad Max movie.

Even today, sitting in a 1972 Batmobile isn’t for the shy, retiring type. It looks absolutely bonkers from any angle but still screams BMW.

First introduced as a 2800 CS in 1968, this one acquired a bored out engine of 3153cc. To make it faster on the track, thinner gauge steel was used on the chassis and the boot and bonnet were cut from aluminium – ground-breaking 34 years ago.

It has no carpet, electric windows or power steering – oh and how am I going to get on with a four-speed manual gearbox again?

Can you live with a classic like this on a daily basis? Quick, to the Batmobile to find out! (Just bring your ear-plugs).