Quick, to the Batmobile? What’s it like to live with a retro BMW supercar?


There is a hint of madness about the car sat on my driveway. It has more spoilers than a bad film review and could have driven off the set of a Mad Max movie.

Even today, sitting in a 1972 Batmobile isn’t for the shy, retiring type. It looks absolutely bonkers from any angle but still screams BMW.

First introduced as a 2800 CS in 1968, this one acquired a bored out engine of 3153cc. To make it faster on the track, thinner gauge steel was used on the chassis and the boot and bonnet were cut from aluminium – ground-breaking 34 years ago.

It has no carpet, electric windows or power steering – oh and how am I going to get on with a four-speed manual gearbox again?

Can you live with a classic like this on a daily basis? Quick, to the Batmobile to find out! (Just bring your ear-plugs).

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