MG3 3Style – Stuffed Cat on Roof


I don’t know if its the pink door mirrors but my cat has taken to lying on top of the MG3. It’s the only car we’ve tested in the last 12 months that Hubble has taken a shine to – does this mean I’m missing something?

I spent 20 minutes looking at the MG3 as I ate my breakfast this morning. Yes, the cat was on the roof but I was more concerned with the styling than the possible affect on the  aerodynamics.

MG offer all manner of ‘personalisation options’ for the MG3, most of which are pretty dreadful. I think it will take a  lot more than that to make the MG3 appeal to young buyers who are more fashion conscious than most grown ups.

Maybe if they offered a ‘stuffed cat lying on the roof’ accessory that would win a few people over? A small puppy might make it the dog’s bollocks too..

MG3 3Style – Back Seat Driver


When was the last time you sat in the back of a car and I don’t mean a taxi? I think it was 18 months ago when I was a passenger in a Land Rover. Car reviews usually assess a vehicle from the front seat, so it was odd to be a passenger in the back of the MG3 today.

What I found surprising was the amount of leg and headroom on offer. It feels larger than a Ford Fiesta, mainly because the roofline is higher.  The boot is a decent space too and there are plenty of cubbyholes and spaces in the cabin, including extra wide door bins.

There’s no getting away from the fact the MG3 is a budget car though. The quality of the interior trim and fittings is average at best. Most of the plastic surfaces feel cheap and I imagine would mark quickly over the course of time.

As far as I can see, there is no sat nav option on the MG3 but there is a large, flat space on top of the dashboard. Perfect for propping up a TomTom…

MG 3Style – Harley Vs MG


Hottest day of the year and I’ve just ridden a Harley-Davidson to Henley and back across a very hectic Oxfordshire. I’m more used to retro Triumph motorbikes but the Harley was a chugging joy – it’s just a shame you have to be a banker wearing a bandana to ride one these days.

The MG and Harley share something in common, a heritage. Both were and still are iconic machines, except Harley has tried to retain some of the spirit of their old bikes in their latest range. MG doesn’t. The only similarity between and MGB and the the MG3 is the bonnet on the boot.

Of course, nobody would really want to drive a modern day version of the MGB but the MG3 isn’t even a sports car. It’s just a cheap runabout that happens to have an MG bonnet on the boot.

Such a shame that the new owners of MG couldn’t have built a desirable car that was affordable and fun. What would the designers of those first MGs make of this current car, I wonder…

MG3 3Style – On The Cheap


The MG6 was this year’s most disappointing car, so far. Low price is only a strong selling point if the product is competent and enjoyable – it wasn’t. So, how will the smaller MG3 city car fair?

It’s certainly cheap to buy and insure, although this is tempered by the fact that the fuel economy is average at best – and it won’t hold its value like a VW Polo, or a Fiat 500 for that matter.

There’s also plenty of room inside for four adults and they are protected by six airbags, stability control and even a tyre pressure monitoring system. Sounds promising.

After the MG6, I can’t help but feel the 3 is going to be a big letdown. If I could just look at it and not drive it, that might be the answer! Today I have to motor 180 miles across country to Norfolk in a heatwave. Find out how I get on tomorrow…