Monday – First Impressions

Jeremy I’ve just driven the XC60 across the Cotswolds on what could possibly be the first day of Spring. SItting in the office, there’s a glorious sunset sinking over the bonnet and my log fire seems strangely out of place, for the first time in months.

My first time behind the wheel and I’m still getting used to all safety kit in the XC60. This is a car just bristling with technology which I have yet to get my head around. I’m not sure it’s as pretty as a Range Rover Evoque but on first impressions, the Volvo is bolted together just as well and has a more practical interior.

Around these parts, every other car is a 4×4 and the XC60 certainly doesn’t look out of place in the supermarket car park. It may not be as big as a BMW X5, Audi Q7 or the new Range Rover but less is more these days, isn’t it?

So far, so good in the XC60 anyway. Looking forward to getting back behind the wheel tomorrow..

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