Wednesday – Cute & Curvy


I’ve just spent the evening with my new neighbours – two complete petrol heads who know more about cars than any motoring writer I have ever met. One has a Toyota Supra track car that has an incredible 550bhp under the bonnet!

What was interesting is what they thought of the RCZ. Neither had driven it but both made favourable noises about how well the car looks. They liked the curvy shape, the cool interior and the contrasting roof pillars.

Both would have been even more excited if our test car was the 270bhp model, which should give the Audi TT RS a decent run for its money.

I think the RCZ would have been regarded as a truly great sports car IF Peugeot had launched a high performance model first, when the model first appeared four years ago. Sadly, because it had a range of lesser engines at the start of its life, it has never been regarded that highly.

Can’t wait to try the 270 version later this year…

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