Thursday – Audi Q5


I’m not going to lie – I think the Q5 doesn’t look different enough to distinguish it from the rest of the SUVs out there at the moment. That said, I have always had a strong desire to drive one.

It’s just the sort of car you want to deliver your little ones to classes on time – indeed I’ve seen a couple on the school run through my village, where four-wheel drive is advisable and ice roads the norm.

With no ‘little ones’ to ferry about the place, the back seats have been dropped to make way for my mutt and I can actually enjoy the 245bhp TDI engine to the full.

I always try and ‘guess the price’ of the car when it arrives on my driveway. I guessed at £30,000. In fact, the S-line model is over £39,000! Is it worth it? Find out by joining us this week at carcouture….

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