Friday – Bourton-under-the-Water

q1.jpgWell, almost but I couldn’t resist the headline… The cream tea capital of the Cotswolds is now my local town! Imagine that – scones, jam and clotted cream whenever I need them in a hurry.

The river across the green has been on the verge of breaking its banks for the last couple of weeks. I was glad to take delivery of the Q5 because extra ground clearance and four-wheel drive ability is a must around these parts at the moment.

I think I’ve surprised myself by liking the Q5 more than I expected. It doesn’t have the aggressive, sinister look of big brother Q7 (Clarkson said the Q7 was a car you could nail to a church wall to fend off evil spirits…) but it’s a typical Audi alright. Well-built, practical and very capable.

The start mechanism is driving me slightly nuts, especially removing the key when the car is switched off. It refuses to come out and I am constantly restarting the car when actually, I just want to get out!

Still, I think it will be tough to find any major issues with the Q5. It’d no looker but another Audi that does exactly what it says on the tin. And that’s a very expensive tin too…


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