Saturday – One Man Went to Mow


A Q5’s isn’t cheap to buy compared to SUV rivals but as well as Audi quality, you are getting one very big car. I’ve just squeezed a huge lawn mower in the boot and it didn’t eat into rear seat space one bit.

The back seats are massive too. The Q5 really can carry five adults in comfort, with acres of leg space and excellent headroom as well. With or without lawn mower in situ. Lower the back seats and luggage space is almost trebled. You can also spec up the car with a folding front seat.

The cabin itself is a delight. A mix of quality leather and soft plastics which should make any school run a pleasure.

And the high driving position gives excellent, all-round visibility, one reason why people opt for SUVs in the first place. I have to give the sat nav system a mention too – quite possibly the easiest unit I’ve tried in ages. Still can’t my iPhone to synch with the Bluetooth though…


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