Saturday – MG6


I’ve been an MG fan since I was 17. I’ve owned three, crashed one and cried when somebody stole my beloved BGT GT (Reg. MUD 100E in case you spot it somewhere!).

Since then I’ve read the terrible reviews for the MG6 and couldn’t quite believe that it might be that bad. So when the day came for delivery, I was pretty excited at the prospect of seeing the MG badge parked on the driveway again.

Now it’s here I’m desperately try to find something good to write about it. I want the MG6 to be a great car that lives up to the reputation of one of the world’s greatest marques.

First impression aren’t good I’m afraid. A cheap cabin, dated noisy engine and total lack of refinement. The styling reminds me of an ancient Nissan Primera, the ride is all over the place and the whole car reeks of failure.

More tomorrow after I’ve had a lie down…

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