Sunday – Like Finding A New Episode of Father Ted…


They only made 25 episodes of Father Ted and it’s now almost 20 years since we first watched Crilly, Dougal and Jack upset the Catholic church. I wonder how many times those 25 episodes have been repeated on the BBC, Dave and every other comedy station?

I’m guessing I’ve seen every programme but I’m also hopeful there is an episode that I’ve missed too. There must be one gem out there – like a hidden Fawlty Towers… Discovering the GT86 has been a Father Ted moment, the car’s been on the market for two years but I’d totally overlooked it.

Maybe it’s because I just read the average 0-60mph time of 7.7 seconds and assumed the Toyota was dressed to thrill but didn’t actually have the performance to match?

The passenger seats are a little hard, tyre noisy is high, the trim is nothing like a BMW and the back seats are more of a parcel shelf. Despite all that, I just love this car – maximum fun for relatively modest money.

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