Citroen C5 Tourer – An Estate By Any Other Name


I can’t help it – I like estate cars. They carry stuff around and I like practical, sometimes. Except these days they call them Tourers and Avants, which seems to make no sense at all.

The latest C5 is no exception but at least it now looks the part, with sleek lines and a huge interior that swallows up people and luggage.

It’s true that Citroen secondhand values may not be as good as German marques but you are getting a whole lot of car for your money in the first place.

The C5 is fully equipped, with air suspension, excellent seats and every gizmo going on the Exclusive model.

Are you going to choose a £30,000 French estate over a BMW or an Audi? Let’s see how we get on in the week ahead…

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