Kia Soul – Soul-less Drive Lets Down Cool Looking SUV


I remember when they originally launched the Chrysler PT Cruiser. Cool, we all thought, signing up for the press launch, finally a funky SUV that didn’t look like it had been squeezed from a jelly mould.

That enthusiasm soon passed, once we had actually driven it. Just like the Chrysler 300C, what appeared to be a great car was actually a letdown. Both cars drove like a shed on wheels.

Now, I can’t say the Soul merits that sort of label but it definitely doesn’t perform that well on the road. Big shame – I was hoping for a happy ending!

While body control is surprisingly good considering the boxy shape, the steering is best described as vague and it doesn’t cope well with uneven surfaces.

Yes, it’s an SUV not a sports car but sad to say, it doesn’t come anywhere near a Mazda CX-5 or the Nissan Qashqai…

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