Nissan GT-R – G-Force Calculator Is Standard


For all the snorting performance of the Nissan, the GT-R is surprisingly old fashioned in the cabin. I guess the real cutting edge stuff has been saved for under the bonnet, encased in a hand-built,3.8-litre twin turbo engine.

The steering wheel is a rash of buttons – probably too many to even consider if you are driving the GT-R with gusto – and a pair of elongated flappy-paddle gear changers that just add to the sensation you are travelling very fast indeed.

The entire instrument binnacle adjusts with the steering column, so you will never have any excuse for not seeing the speedo hit 100mph in just a matter of seconds. The seats are actually quite comfortable – I can even squeeze the dog onto the back seat.

The infotainment system is thoroughly entertaining, My favourite screen today is the one that shows G-force settings on acceleration and cornering! Surely every car should have one?




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