NIssan GT-R – This Blog Contains A Spoiler


Audi launched the original TT more than 15 years ago. Remember the fuss about the rear spoiler? Apparently, there were a couple of fatal accidents which were blamed on the car not sporting a wind-deflector on the boot. Without it the TT was allegedly unstable.

What happened next was a travesty. Audi allowed the profile of their beautiful coupe to be ruined by the ugliest lip spoiler you have ever seen. It looked like a spoiler that had been designed by a five-year-old with crayon and paper. No wonder later versions of the car had a pop-up version that discreetly tucked away when not needed…

It was the ugliest spoiler – until Nissan slapped a luggage rack on the back of the GT-R. Friends with a more artist eye have already commented on the whopping wing. It looks quite ridiculous and does nothing for the shape of the GT-R.

Of course, when you are travelling flat out at 195mph in the GT-R you might be grateful for a device that keeps the rear end firmly on the tarmac. But with all that other technology on board, I wonder why a pop-up spoiler wasn’t the order of the day…


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