Volvo XC60 – Not A Car For Will Self But Perfect For Family Man


I keep wondering what Wilf Self would make of the family-orientated XC60. The acerbic writer has been presenting a programme on Radio 4 about walking around the large harden collider at Cern, near Geneva.

If ever there was a man designed to drive a cool, old Mercedes saloon, it is Self. I could more imagine him flying a space shuttle than helming a Volvo (although an ancient estate might fit the bill too).

There is nothing cool about the XC60 – even with the 20-inch Ixion alloy wheels fitted to out test car. Not even the red paintwork raises it above ‘normal’.

But what the XC60 does have is all the qualities required in a family SUV. All-wheel drive, a huge boot and every conceivable piece of safety equipment.

So, if you’re an aspiring Wilf Self buy an old Mercedes. The rest of us might prefer a rock steady Volvo…


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