The Audi A6 Avant Ultra is a car for people with serious jobs who want to cut loose on the weekend


I like BMWs but Audi is making damn fine cars these days. They’ve got the styling and image spot on and the range of engines is second to none. The A6 Avant may be for upwardly mobile family-types with serious jobs but it’s also great fun to drive on the weekends too.

It has strong brakes, light but sensitive steering and enough performance from that low emissions TDI engine to make every journey a pleasure.

With the S Tronic 7-speed auto gearbox the ride is also smooth and relaxed. There are flappy paddle gear-shifters on the steering column but the Ultra doesn’t really have enough grunt to make using them worthwhile.

I tried for a while but then just stuck the gearshifter in ‘Drive’ and enjoyed the hi-fi. There’s minimal body roll and surprisingly little loss of traction at the front wheels under harsh acceleration.

I’m not sure the Ultra is as engaging to drive as the 5 Series Touring but it has been driven if you are in the market for a top notch estate…


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