The Audi A6 Avant Ultra is so big and roomy you might want to consider having another family again


Typical German engineering efficiency – I’m struggling to find the Achilles Heel of the A6 Avant. It’s so damn good that you are virtually seduced into wanting a family again!

I couldn’t justify owning such a whopping car on my own, so at least I have an excuse not to buy one. I love driving the estate but it’s starting to feel lonely up front…

Only the styling of the Audi might leave some people cold. It’s not unpleasant to look at but there is little to excite the eye. The Avant is long, low and has obviously spent a lot of time in the aerodynamics wind tunnel.

When you are searching for maximum mpg and minimum drag, even the tiniest of angles matters. The A6 looks as slippery as any vehicle I’ve seen. Not bad when you consider this is a family estate and not a racing car…


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