The A6 Avant Ultra is a big car but it has the same DNA as other more sporty Audi models


There’s a narrow stretch of country road on the way to Kingham Station in Oxfordshire where you have to ‘breath in’ when a car approaches from the opposite direction. This morning I met a large, meandering lorry…

The A6 Avant is a big motor – it’s wide and long. Fortunately, it also handles extremely well, so when the ABS cut in and I steered towards the hedge, the Audi did exactly what I asked of it.

Moments before, I had been wondering at the feel of the Audi steering. To be honest, I’d prefer it a little heavier but the lorry moment persuaded me otherwise. I escaped with just my passenger door mirror pushed back.

So, to anyone who thinks the A6 Avant is just too big for them and something smaller would do, I’d say, ‘don’t worry, go for it.’ It may not be a TT but it has plenty of DNA from other faster, more sporty Audi models to keep you entertained and safe…

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