If only Williams’ F1 car could achieve 47mpg in everyday driving they’d win everything too


Just back from interviewing F1 legend Sir Frank Williams, at Williams HQ in Oxfordshire. It’s the kind of place you want to roar up in an Aston Martin – I arrived in the Audi A6 estate. Hmmm…

Never mind. The guys on security who, let’s face it, must have seen every type of supercar come and go, seemed more interested than I would imagine.

Having spent some of the morning in Sir Frank’s company, I’d say he appreciates a fine piece of engineering when he sees it too. If only his race car could achieve 47mpg in normal, everyday driving!

If you want to see an Audi on the racetrack then head for Le Mans in June. The manufacturer has dominated the race for years with a diesel-powered machine.

Me? I’d be quite happy with an A6 estate. If only because I can get my dog in the cavernous boot too…

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