It’s double Range Rovers at Zara Phillips house but the Audi A6 Ultra didn’t look out of place


Spent the afternoon interviewing Zara Phillips at Gatcombe. It being equine central and all, the most expensive vehicle was a 40ft horse lorry, probably worth about £250,000!

Mr and Mrs Mike Tindall drive a Range Rover and Range Rover Sport – both suitably plastered in Gloucestershire mud.

My A6 Avant seemed to get admiring glances from the stable girls though – maybe they just like a car with a huge boot for their dogs?!

Tomorrow I’m picking up a Tesla Model S. It’s the first time I’ve ever gone all electric for a week. Slightly nervous I’m going to run out of juice somewhere but we’ll see.

The A6 Ultra has been a major revelation though. I’ve been hammering it around for seven days and still have half a tank of diesel left. It’s big, comfortable and superbly refined in the cabin.

It may not have the presence (or the price) or a Range Rover, or the economy of a Tesla but as a all-round family car, the A6 really is pretty hard to beat.



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