The Tesla Model S isn’t just about the electric motors – it’s awesome technology inside too


I’ve driven the future – and it ain’t half bad. After the first 48 hours in a Tesla I can tell you motoring in the years ahead won’t be as dull as driverless cars and safety features that just suck the pleasure out of travel.

We all know the Tesla Model S is powered by electric motors and the creation of PayPal guru Elon Musk but what will surprise most people is the amount of technology INSIDE the cabin.

It’s all based around the enormous 17-inch screen which drives everything in the Tesla. And I mean everything! You can swipe open the sunroof with a brush of the finger, show a hugely detailed map of the country, or even log on to the Internet.

The cabin is wonderfully relaxing place to be – apart from when you notice the batteries are starting to run out of juice. And that’s where we will pick this up tomorrow…

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