The Bentley Mulsanne is just too big for British roads


The Mulsanne has gone and I’ve had a few days to mull over my thoughts. For all the plush carpet, fine veneer wood and luxury gizmos, I can’t say the Bentley is a car that suits UK roads.

Apart from the frequent bouts of road rage it seems to evoke from other drivers, the Mulsanne is simply so big that it doesn’t ‘work’ on our narrow strips of Tarmac.

It’s so large that urban driving is a nightmare – and as my trip to the Lake District proved, it also doesn’t enjoy narrow, country lanes either.

No, the Bentley is going to sit most comfortably on a US highway, a wide Hollywood boulevard, or outside a prince’s house in the UAE.

I love the comfort, the turn of speed in ‘sport’ mode and those electric, sliding privacy curtains in the back but the UK-built Mulsanne should be ‘Export Only’….

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