Can the new Audi TT possibly be as good as the reviews make out?


I’ve owned a first and second generation Audi TT. I loved the original because it had a stylish interior that has yet to be surpassed – and I liked the latter model because it was good at everything.

Well, good at most things. It wasn’t very happy driving forward at speeds in excess of 70mph without suffering significant steering wheel vibration. Despite three weeks in Audi warranty care, they never solved the problem and at times, didn’t seem to care.

So that left a rather bad taste in my mouth which also cost me a packet. Hence I approach the new Audi TT with some trepidation. Can it possibly be as good as the reviews make out?

I’m certain the steering wheel won’t vibrate in our test car but it’s going to have to be very good to tempt me away from a Porsche Cayman – the current coupe of choice. More tomorrow….

3 thoughts on “Can the new Audi TT possibly be as good as the reviews make out?

      • That’s strange! I drive a 2006 A6 3.2 Quattro and when I push it over 70, 100, and even 130 miles per hour, I have no vibration. I balanced all four of my tires and I’m actually still driving on my snow tires. The only issue I have is that they are so loud and they aren’t the best performance wise especially since it has warmed up a bit here. Winter tires usually perform better in snowy conditions and low temps. I’m shocked about the TT though. Something else must be wrong then.

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