The Subaru BRZ’s cabin is a noisy place at motorway speeds…


A long day in the Subaru cockpit yesterday. Don’t expect trim quality the same as a Volkswagen – it’s best described as hard-wearing with a dash of flair.

And the cabin can be a noisy place if you are travelling anywhere at motorway speeds. Perhaps that’s why there is noise Bluetooth as standard because you wouldn’t be able to hear anybody anyway!

The driving position itself is perfect. You sit low in the seat and the steering column adjusts for reach and height too. But what’s disappointing are the hi-fi controls. There are no buttons on the steering wheel and even operating the volume is awkward because the dial is too sensitive.

Those back seats are useless for people of any size but they do allow a good deal more luggage space. For a sub £25,000 car, the BRZ is still great value – but if I had to live with one day in, day out, the cabin would no doubt prove trying…

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