How much play is there in the bonnet fit of a Subaru BRZ?


Windy day in the Lake District – especially if you are 1000ft up Shap Fell on the highest section of the M6 motorway. I could see lorries and vans swaying all over the place.

Quite scary but not as terrifying as noticing the bonnet on the BRZ was moving up and down 5mm or so. Had I inadvertently left it open – was a disaster about to unfold?

I have a fear of this happening after watching the bonnet of a Ford Grenada fold back over the windscreen when I’d just passed my driving test 30 years ago.

So I pulled off the motorway today, only to find the BRZ bonnet was closed but the fit wasn’t that reassuring. Very distracting but a very good method of keeping my speed down!

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