Gentlemen, do not wear high heels in the Subaru BRZ…


It’s a long time since I wore high heels (honest). About 38 years to be exact  – on a crazy skiing holiday to Italy with my school when there was too much snow. Instead of skiing, we held fancy dress parties with the girls and drank cheap vodka. Obviously, too much drink was taken…

I mention this because I can’t believe that women can walk or even stand up in the damn things. So when I saw a lady climbing out of a Mazda MX-5 the other day, I just wondered how the heck she operated the pedals.

She certainly wouldn’t want to be in the BRZ because foot space is tight. If I wear my lightweight desert boots it’s really tough operating the pedals with and dexterity. The Subaru should come with a pair of Vans flats as standard.

That’s my only issue with BRZ driving position. Everything else is perfect. It even has a PROPER handbrake you can pull upright! Imagine that…

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