The Subaru BRZ behaves like a naughty teenager…


It’s the horse fair in Stow-on-the-Wold tomorrow. In days of old, this was a place for people to buy and sell their animals. Now it’s become a giant car boot sale for everything but equine and the locals hate it.

The town is invaded by people you wouldn’t want to sit next to in your favourite boozer. My barber tells me ‘things’ go missing and many shopkeepers just shut up shop for a few days.

Driving a BRZ into the middle of the preparations today raised plenty of eyebrows. The Subaru is no shrinking violet and turned plenty of heads. The styling reminds me of a small Jaguar XK-R – and by that I really do mean small.

Sadly, the sporty looks aren’t really matched by the 197bhp engine. The BRZ makes a lot of noise, wheelspins with even the slightest over-acceleration and behaves like a naughty teenager…

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