How to avoid being decapitated by that ‘killer’ Hyundai tailgate…


I can’t find much wrong with the Santa Fe – it does everything pretty well and only the power tailgate is proving a pain. There are two annoying beeps before it slowly starts to open or close on its own.

The beep is, of course, for people who can’t see and may not realise the boot is about to randomly swallow them whole, or push them over backwards! It moves so slowly you long for a manual over-ride. And what are blind people doing driving cars anyway?

Otherwise, the Hyundai does everything it says on the tin. Three rows of seats, acres of space and a lot of luxury kit – except the leather feels more Aldi than Waitrose.

I’m loving the panoramic roof and the fact the front section opens makes it even better for some early summer sunshine. Just be warned, the summer could be over by June 6…

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