The Porsche 911 Targa requires a firm fist to resolve the squeaky roof problem


I keep getting bitten by horseflies. These are bluebottles with attitude and  give a nasty nip. I hate the little buggers but I’ve been rather hoping that there is one in the Porsche Targa this week.

The Targa has always had a reputation for squeaky roof – you simply can’t cut the top off a car and expect everything to fit perfect. Apparently, that even applies to a £90k Porsche.

Just like the 1990s 993 Targa I lust after, this new model is just the same. Except I have been able to find a solution. All I need to do it shove my fist into the underside of the fabric roof section as I drive along and hey presto – problem solved.

Long term, this isn’t an option but as rattles and squeaks in cars are my pet hate, I seem to be driving around with a fist in the air quite a lot at the moment. Maybe I need to lust after the more rigid 911 coupe instead…



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