Anyone got a metal coat hanger? The radio in the Subaru WRX needs a proper aerial


Anyone got a metal coat hanger? No, seriously, the WRX is famous for being an out-and-out driver’s car but I can only assume that such folk have no interest in the interior or the quality of the entertainment system.

The Subaru has a radio that receives the signal so badly that I actually stopped, got out and walked around to see if there was an old fashioned aerial that wasn’t fully extended. Coat hangers were always a good replacement.

There wasn’t – which means the WRX can really only entertain you on a twisty road. The rest of the time, you will be fiddling with a rather over-complicated media unit that appears to have more buttons than the Space Shuttle.

Obviously, no DAB and I still haven’t worked out how to connect by iPhone by Bluetooth. The dashboard display is messy and far from being a budget Nissan GT-R in disguise it all just looks and feels a bit 20 years ago…

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