The Volvo S60 is due a nose job in 2016 even though it looks great as it is


I’m not sure at what stage in our lives we go for the facelift option but in motoring it’s usually around five years.

The S60 was launched in 2010, had botox in 2013 and will get a full-on nose job in 2016 – so that it marries up with the rest of the all-new Volvo range.

Personally, I think it looks perfectly fine as is. It’s much prettier than the Audi A4, or the BMW 3 Series. Although the driving experience doesn’t match either of the German rivals.

I don’t think many people would pick it over the Jaguar XE but  don’t let that put you off. The Swedes had built a great car here, especially if safety is top of your priority list…

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