Safe as houses in a Volvo S60? Quite possibly…


It’s kind of odd talking to Scandinavians about Volvo. While we in the UK see the brand as ever so slightly niche, it’s as common as Ford over there.

And if you have driven on Scandinavian roads you might understand why. In the winter, especially, the highways become ever so slightly tricky! No wonder they insist on special winter tyres for six months of the year.

Which makes it all the more clear why the S60 like all Volvos comes with a high standard of safety equipment.

Six airbags are standard, as is the City Safe System, that which can stop the car automatically, if it detects objects in front of the vehicle and prevents a low speed impact.

Our S60 is also fitted with Pedestrian Detection System that can spot a person in the road, plus lane departure warning.

No wonder the Swedes feel safe in their Volvos…

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