Is the Jaguar F-Type a style icon of the new millennium?

927989_AWD S Blackberry_09

I’m still getting over selling my E-Type in 2005. It went for a modest £25,000 and I thought I had done well to make £2,000 in 12 months of ownership. That same car is now worth in excess of £100,000!

The question I asked myself when the F-Type appeared is would it be a future classic too? They are being made in much larger numbers of course but and no amount of Jaguar spin at launch could hide the fact that this is not the iconic sports car of its generation.

That said, I am in lust with the curves and sheer gorgeousness of the F-Type Coupe. It’s far prettier that the soft-top and boasts truly stunning looks.

I bought a 911 instead of an F-Type last year. I sold the Porsche six months later because it had no soul.

Is the F-Type going to show me it has the character missing from the 911? Let’s see how I get on…

One thought on “Is the Jaguar F-Type a style icon of the new millennium?

  1. Having run an F-Type Coupe S AWD for a couple of months now, I do hope so. My only worry about it is how long I’ll keep my licence. I used to drive Caterhams and this feels better planted: Heresy, I know.

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