Jaguar F-Type or E-Type – you decide…

Just taken delivery of a 1971 Jaguar E-Type coupe – on loan from global classic hire company Turo ( Ironic it should arrive as the F-Type goes.

The Series III V12 was one of the last incarnations of the ‘E’ – purists will tell you it was probably the least attractive too. However, who could deny that this isn’t a fantastic looking machine – even in yellow?

With E-Type prices through the roof over the last ten years, both cars are now valued about the same. So where would you spend your £135,000 I wonder?

Well, the only thing for sure is that the F-Type will go down in value and the E will go up. Maybe in 40 years time that will change and our F-Type SVR model will soar. It certainly has the exclusivity that will one day make it collectable.

When I owned mine own 1963 Series I, a dear friend of great stature in the motoring world told me that one of the true pleasures in life was looking down the bonnet of an E-Type.

I just wonder if they will ever say that about the F-Type…

Is the Jaguar F-Type a style icon of the new millennium?

927989_AWD S Blackberry_09

I’m still getting over selling my E-Type in 2005. It went for a modest £25,000 and I thought I had done well to make £2,000 in 12 months of ownership. That same car is now worth in excess of £100,000!

The question I asked myself when the F-Type appeared is would it be a future classic too? They are being made in much larger numbers of course but and no amount of Jaguar spin at launch could hide the fact that this is not the iconic sports car of its generation.

That said, I am in lust with the curves and sheer gorgeousness of the F-Type Coupe. It’s far prettier that the soft-top and boasts truly stunning looks.

I bought a 911 instead of an F-Type last year. I sold the Porsche six months later because it had no soul.

Is the F-Type going to show me it has the character missing from the 911? Let’s see how I get on…

F-Type, 911 or R8 – which one would you choose?

928128_Manual S Caldera Red_Studio_05

Jaguar F-Type convertible, Porsche 911 Cabriolet, Audi R8 soft-top – which one would you buy? There’s a big difference in prices and the Jag is the cheapest by far but is it way out of it’s depth in such company?

Having driven all three this summer, I’d opt for the practical, sensible and easiest-to-live-with 911. I don’t think the 911 is that inspiring to look at, it doesn’t set my pulse racing like the F-Type but it is the brilliant all-rounder.

I’v already talked about the F-Type having a heart and soul, although it’s a real shame the noisy tailpipes and uninspiring interior let the car down.

That might suggest the R8 is a great compromise but, well, it just looks a little rear heavy. I know the design is meant to exude true ‘supercar’ but quite frankly, despite the amazing handling, the Audi has a fat arse and that’s the end of it.

Which leads me to conclude this is a dead heat, only won by the Porsche because it does everything well. Such as shame it just conjures up images of flash bankers and little else…