Is the Jaguar F-Type a style icon of the new millennium?

927989_AWD S Blackberry_09

I’m still getting over selling my E-Type in 2005. It went for a modest £25,000 and I thought I had done well to make £2,000 in 12 months of ownership. That same car is now worth in excess of £100,000!

The question I asked myself when the F-Type appeared is would it be a future classic too? They are being made in much larger numbers of course but and no amount of Jaguar spin at launch could hide the fact that this is not the iconic sports car of its generation.

That said, I am in lust with the curves and sheer gorgeousness of the F-Type Coupe. It’s far prettier that the soft-top and boasts truly stunning looks.

I bought a 911 instead of an F-Type last year. I sold the Porsche six months later because it had no soul.

Is the F-Type going to show me it has the character missing from the 911? Let’s see how I get on…

Saturday – Magnesium Sandwich Anybody?


That’s right – every 911 Cabriolet comes with a magnesium sandwich as standard. You won’t find it in the glovebox but in the roof. One of the reasons why it’s so easy to forget this is a convertible not a coupe is down to the design of the electric hood.

Design in a 911 Cabriolet has always been incredible but this latest model takes it to new levels. Sandwiched between the fabric components of the roof is a layer of magnesium, which forms a coupe-style hard top when it is in place.

The result is minimal road noise but just enough to let you and your passenger enjoy the rasp from the 3.4-litre engine behind you. It’s nothing short of remarkable – although I’d dread to think what it costs to replace!

God decided to make it rain for the last 48 hours in the south of England, so that roof is staying firmly in place. My only problem so far? Remembering the seventh gear in the manual gearbox. To be honest, if I was buying I’d opt for the auto -a round the town you need Fatima Whitbread‘s legs to work that heavy clutch pedal

Saturday – The Right Handbag

cropped-608061_velosterturbo_014.jpgYou might think that testing a different vehicle every week means we always have the right car for every occasion. You might think that but you would be very wrong!

Today we are taking the Veloster down to Cornwall. Four adults in a coupe – one passenger in the back is 6ft 3ins tall. There’s also a whopping storm coming and the last 800 yards are down a heavily rutted, often washed away track.

I like an adventure and still feel the Hyundai will be man enough for the job. It may look like a designer handbag on wheels but so far, it has proved immensely capable.

That single rear door is obviously going to be an asset too. I completely forgot about it when I tried out the back seats yesterday – you just don’t expect an extra door in a coupe.

And our two backseat passengers are both in their early twenties – just the sort of youthful audience Hyundai is hoping to capture with the Veloster. They will be trapped in the back for four hours, so plenty on their views of the car tomorrow…