The raging bull of Lamborghini Huracan sounds like a soundtrack to the Iraq War


I’ve never known a car quite like it. The Hurcan is the most eye-catching supercar I’ve driven in 35 years of motor journalism.

A McLaren is cool, a Ferrari chic but the ‘angry’ Lambo craves attention wherever it is parked.

I returned to the Huracan after the British Touring Car Championships at Silverstone this weekend to find a group of people taking selfies, ogling through the windscreen.

Sat in the middle of Cirencester today, teenagers were giving the thumbs up and mouthing ‘nice car’. At least, I think that’s what they were saying.

What they haven’t even experienced driving this beast of a machine. It may bottom out on rough A-roads, it does have an exhaust system that could be a soundtrack to the Iraq War, and Lambo do offers some ridiculous colours.

But for sheer balls out rollocking fun, I’m not sure there has been anything to equal the raging bull of Huracan…

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