The Lamborghini Huracan still isn’t the perfect supercar


The dashboard of the Huracan still frustrates me. I’m sure Lamborghini drivers would tell me that ‘you get used to it’ but steering column stalks are obviously out of flavour in Italy right now.

Everything, and I mean everything, is on the steering wheel. This includes a fiddly indicator button on the left, and an equally awkward windscreen wiper switch on the right.

Far from being driver focussed, I still have to take my eyes off the road to be certain I am pressing each button correctly.

Worst of all though is the dip/full beam. This is also on the left, directly above the indicators. It’s infuriatingly hard to find and even then, changing from full to dip beam is maddeningly tricky.

So, although the Huracan will blow you away with performance and jaw-dropping looks, it still ain’t the perfect supercar…

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