The Lamborghini eats up BMW M4s and pimped Subarus for breakfast


Difficult trying to explain what it actually feels like to drive a Lamborghini. On paper, you might think your BMW M4 or pumped up Subaru Impreza will give it a good run for the money. You’re wrong.

Porsche, Mercedes AMG, Jaguar – all perfectly exciting options. But machines like the Huracan, cars from McLaren and Ferrari, just put speed on a different level.

There is almost an air of resignation among other drivers when the Huracan appears in their rear-view mirror. I’m not sure everybody knows exactly what it is but they certainly get out of the way fast.

Us the ‘Strada’ setting on the steering wheel (again!) for eating up everyday RS4s – switch to ‘Sport’ for destroying anybody who dares to think they are driving a more proficient motor.

There is a race setting but let’s not go there. No need. You will lose your nerve before the Lambo does.

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