The Nissan GT-R – fast but all the style of Trump’s haircut


So, what’s new about the GT-R in 2017? Well, it still looks both musclebound and ridiculously bling, sporting all the style of Donald Trump’s haircut.

However, the good news is that the twin turbo’s power output is up 20bhp, the cabin looks like it is now made of something decent – and the ride feels somewhat smoother.

That’s all good then – especially the interior upgrade which finally brings the Nissan into the right millennium. There’s extra soundproofing and minor tweaks to bodywork too, making this the most significant upgrade since the current GT-R was launched in 2007.

Don’t go thinking the GT-R has gone soft just because they have eased off the suspension a bit. Just two minutes down the road and I know the Nissan is going to be 7 days of sheer fun.

More tomorrow…

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