Has the Nissan GT-R gone soft? Lord P thinks so…


Lord Pembroke likes his cars. He stills owns a Nissan Skyline – one of his favourite motors, alongside the Bugatti Veyron and gull-wing Mercedes in his cavernous garage.

After an intervew about his Wilton Classic & Supercar Show in June (www.wiltonclassicsupercar.co.uk) at his home in Wiltshire today, he insisted we went for a wheelspin in my Nissan test car.

Verdict? Well, he spotted the revised suspension set-up, the improved interior and a surge in performance but overall, he though the GT-R had gone a little soft.

Just like the Porsche 911 he owned ten years ago, Lord P says the Nissan had lost its soul and felt rather detached.

Incredibly quick, yes, but then as another motoring writer once put it – it’s not how fast a car goes, it’s how it goes fast…

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