The Audi SQ7 – an understated performance SUV

So what have I learned over the weekend about the SQ7? Well, it’s one of those cars that is so smooth and quiet, you could easily gain a point or three.

There’s no fuss about the performance, no acoustic exhaust button or fancy spoiler. It’s not pretty but for moving seven people in a hurry, this is some machine.

There are different drive settings. Economy is quick enough but dynamic really ups the revs and gives this big Audi a serious turn of speed.

The steering is light, which means bundling fast into a corner could make lesser cars come unstuck. Not the SQ7 – it grips like a Golf GTI.

And there’s a subdued grumble from the four tailpipes – so refreshing after the rather manufactured roar of many rivals.

I don’t have seven people to move around, or need a car this big. But I could find a reason if it meant keeping the SQ7…

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