If it don’t fit, force it – the Audi SQ7

Technology was never my strong point. Once, I almost blew up the science lab at school. I’m still struggling with the three remote controls that make my television work.

So trying to get my head around ‘forced induction’ was never going to be easy.

As far as I can work out, that means the SQ7 has something more than the standard twin turbochargers fitted to most high performance cars these days.

Somewhere down in the depths of that engine is a system called EPC, or electric powered compressor. It completely eliminates turbo lag – that split second in a turbo car when you press the accelerator and nothing happens.

In the youth of my driving career, turbo lag was an absolute pain. It still happens in many modern cars but nowhere near as bad.

Audi has solved the problem in the SQ7 – albeit with technology I will never understand. It’s brilliant but beyond my Grade U maths brain.

What it does mean is that I can pull out during overtaking without fear of being mushed. Which has to be a good thing…

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