The F-Type is a Jaguar that roars too much – turn the noise down please!

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So I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the F-Type… Obviously it’s not the styling, the badge on the boot lid or the performance. We have five senses and the Jag lets us down on two of them.

First, it launches a full-scale attack on your eardrums. It’s rather entertaining at first, all that snap, crackle and pop when you ease off the throttle and blip down the gears.

Even with the acoustic exhaust system switched off, it’s way too loud but press the button in and, well, the sound levels are quite frankly silly. This is a Jaguar that roars too much and it soon becomes very tiring.

And then what about our sense of touch? The Jaguar has a leather steering wheel and smashing leather seats. Great – except the flappy paddles on the steering column are made of plastic borrowed from an Airfix toy model.

This saddens me because I firmly believe that a car costing £70k plus should feel and sound a lot better than it does. Time for a rethink Jaguar?

The Jaguar F-Type offers more drama and beauty than anything made by BMW

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You don’t expect sunshine on a British Bank Holiday, right? Lashing it down here in the Cotswolds, forcing a man to open a bottle and watch an old episode of Top Gear (back when they looked like they were enjoying themselves).

Richard Hammond driving an F-Type Coupe R against JC in a BMW M4 proved interesting. Despite a massive advantage in horsepower, the Jaguar was stuffed by the M4’s superior handling.

These days, cars are so fast that I’m starting to subscribe to the philosophy that it’s not how fast a car goes, more how it goes when travelling fast.

We have the M4 coming soon to Car Couture in September but at present, I’d still opt for the Jaguar. Like the convertible on test this week, it looks way prettier and offers more drama than anything from the German stable.

Well, apart from the i8, which is really just a masterclass in technology rather than a true supercar…